String of Felted Beads

Do you remember trendy felting master class where the wet technique was demonstarted? Here comes a new string of felted beads:

Animal Soaps

 Orange and gentle. With coconut chips for a light exfoliating effect (you can see them on the surface of that cow and sheep)

Master-class available here


Haven't you tried to make handmade soap yet? It is not necessary to make a soap using different chemicals you have a chance to make gorgeous soap using ready product and your fantasy!

All you need:

  • Soap - one piece (try to find not very odorant one. I prefer Nivea soft or Dove )
  • Hot liquid - approximately two thirds of the glass (milk, for example)
  • Vegetable oil - two tablespoons (I prefer sea-buckthorn or olive oil)
  • Grater
  • Moulds
  • Two pots, one bigger than another to make a water bath
  • Tablespoon
!!! Never use houseware for cooking after you made soap in it. It is better to buy seperate ones (only small pot, tablespoon and garter touches with the soap)

+ optional

  • essences
  • oatmeal/ coffee-grounds/ chocolate/ coconut shavings/ anything you wish to make your soap really unique

There sure will be another post on ingredients and recipes, but now let's start making the soap!

1. get prepaired

Take away all the food from the table in the kitchen. Grate the soap (if its possible, do it outside not to breah into the soapdust). Prepair some moulds (sand pie moulds/ food and drink packs - anything plastic with not very thick sides)

Grated Soap

2. Boil the water in the bigger pot. Turn the fire to the minimum after it started to bubble.

3. Pour the oil in the smaller pot and put it in the boiling water on a water bath.

Hot Soap Mass
4. After a few minutes put the grated soap and the warm milk in the pot. Now you have to be patient and keep on kneading this mass until no flakes are left. The soap have to be like pancake dough, speaking about consistence. (this process takes 10-30 minutes)

5. When the soap is ready you can add something interesting - coffee-grounds or oatmeal for scrub-soap, rose petals or few drops of essence for rich aroma...

6. Now it's time to fill the moulds with this aromatic soap-mass

7. The most difficult thing. now you have to put all these away (somewhere on windowsill) and leave for at least one week! If you have big pieces of soap you can take them out of the moulds after 2-3 days and cut into pieces at once. But don't try to pack up your fresh soaps untill you are sure all the excess moisture is vaporized.

Here it is!
The result is now here. Meanwhile, you can see my previous run - Tender Oatmeal Sponge (with recipe).
Good Luck in soapmaking,
Aliska Skazka

Tender Oatmeal Sponge Soap

How to make odoriferous, delicate, inimitable soap at home. Action in steps'n'photos are here for you!

Would you like to have such an oatmeal soap in your bathroom? I call it Tender Oatmeal Sponge, cos' thanks to the crushed oatmeal you even don't need an additional sponge for your bath. It isn't scraping like coffee-grounds and you can't call this soap a scrub, cos' it is unbelievable gentle.

Tender Oatmeal Sponge Soap

  • soap - 100 g 
  • milk - 200 ml
  • honey - 1 tablespoon
  • olive oil - 2 tablespoons
  • moisturizing cream - 1 tablespoon
  • crushed oatmeal - 2 tablespoons


Shopping is fun, exciting and just awesome! It is what most of the girls used to say, but… Isn’t it really boring? I mean those mall centers, where people used to go to by a full set of clothes for the next season. Yeah, it’s not about everyone, but though it’s a purchasing manner, speaking, at least, about my city – Riga. You know, here in Latvia, there are so many brilliant designers, who have their own cosy shops around the Old City, basically. But still we are all like robots in uggs and leggings.

Shopping kills personality. I mean that very robotic shopping, like “Giiiirls, let’s go get some shoes-2010, skirts like those cheaks from commercial wear and trendy cosmetics”. You can call me old-fashioned (oh, this sounds really sweet), but I can get no satisfaction with a help of shopping.

Another pair of shoes is when you enter a random shop and spontaneously buy something. Then at home you just try to think up what to wear with this new thing, or start inventing some additional accessories. So, it’s shopping from a “handmade passionate person’s” point of view.

I’m for random, spontaneous and really inspired buying!
P.S. And for handmade, sure )