Shopping is fun, exciting and just awesome! It is what most of the girls used to say, but… Isn’t it really boring? I mean those mall centers, where people used to go to by a full set of clothes for the next season. Yeah, it’s not about everyone, but though it’s a purchasing manner, speaking, at least, about my city – Riga. You know, here in Latvia, there are so many brilliant designers, who have their own cosy shops around the Old City, basically. But still we are all like robots in uggs and leggings.

Shopping kills personality. I mean that very robotic shopping, like “Giiiirls, let’s go get some shoes-2010, skirts like those cheaks from commercial wear and trendy cosmetics”. You can call me old-fashioned (oh, this sounds really sweet), but I can get no satisfaction with a help of shopping.

Another pair of shoes is when you enter a random shop and spontaneously buy something. Then at home you just try to think up what to wear with this new thing, or start inventing some additional accessories. So, it’s shopping from a “handmade passionate person’s” point of view.

I’m for random, spontaneous and really inspired buying!
P.S. And for handmade, sure )