Inspiration and Gambling

Inspiration… What is it? And how to get it? It is quite difficult to answer this question, cos’ every man has his own inspiration sources. There are no universal methods how to get inspired and create something worthy .

Sometimes it is nature, interesting talk, fulfilling music, feelings or just movies. Oh, speaking about movies, Alice in Wonderland turned out to be soooooo inspiring, that I had to make a list of must-handmades. Here comes the first one piece of this collection. Gambler earrings. It is only the beginning!

You can never know for sure where to get it, where to meet your muse. And at the same time it is always here, flying around you. Just catch striking ideas and try to transform inspiration into the piece of arts immediately. At least start doing it as soon as possible, and don't leave concepts die there in your mind.


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ух ты! очень красиво! можно ли что-то сделать на заказ?