Compliant Felt

Felted accessories and even clothes are very cosy, warm and extremely light. Speaking, for example, about earrings, you will hardly feel that there is something in your ears. Felt is very pleasant material not only for those who wear it but also for masters, because it is easy and interesting to work with.It is because of its structure.

The hairs of wool has kinks in them, thanks to them hairs can be bond together in the case they are lubricated by moisture (wet felting technique) and/ or stimulated by friction (dry technique). And we can create 2D and 3D felted works which keep form nicely. What to add you only need your hands to create felted accessories, oh, and a felting needle sometimes.

The only natural material suitable for felt is wool (the best one – sheep’s wool). Even artificial felt has a minimum of 30% of wool fibres. This is the minimum required to hold a fabric together.
Felt is the oldest form of fabric known to humankind. But still there are no limits in creating great and cosy felted stuff.