Domestic Ladybird

Domestic Ladybird master-class is here for you. Are you ready?

Let's take red and black felt, soapy water and a felting needle. Yeah, now we'll use both techniques - wet and dry. It's quite a simple and pleasant work. To start with we have to make ladybird's body using wet felting technique


Start making a sphere, like I showed you in the previous master-class It is easy to transform a sphere into a bug's body shape - just roll the felt between your palms about a minute and then rub it against a table or smth plain. Yeah, it will not be as dense as those felted beads were, but it's ok.


It's better to continue this work after the body is dried. Now we have to form little circles using black felt. Take one and put onto the ladybird's body. And now let's try to work with the felting needle. Stick it deep into the l's body through the black circle. Up and down, up and down... And so on till you understand that the circle is bound to the red felt. On the photo you can see the jaggies on the needle - they entangle red and bleck felt, and they become a comprehensive whole.


When the ladybird has her spots it's time to make a black head and a line to separate her wings.

And at last I have a pet. Who knows maybe my domestic ladybird will become a cosy brooch, a toy or just cosy decor element. Isn't she sweet?

See you,
Aliska Skazka